Anyone need a LIS research project?

I’ve been looking at this article:

Finlay, C., Sugimoto, C., Li, D., & Russell, T. (2012). LIS dissertation titles and abstracts (1930 – 2009): Where have all the librar* gone ? The Library Quarterly, 82(1), 29–46.

Also this critique of the article:

Hunsucker, R. L. (2012). Library and Information Science doctoral research appears to be showing less and less Interest in library topics, and concern among practitioners may be justified. Evidence Based Library and Information Practice, 7(3), 86–89. doi:10.1086/662945. Retrieved from

Finlay et al. find a decline in research into library practice (Hunsucker offers some caveats).

A couple of thoughts:

  1. Practitioner research is more important than ever.
  2. They only looked at LIS dissertations (via a database called MPACT). I’m aware of a number of librarians who have done Ph.D.s in education – and even more librarians who’ve taken an M.Ed. Someone should look at this. What are they (we) researching? What are they (we) finding in education programs that they’re not finding in LIS programs?

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