What this blog is for

This is me thinking out loud about why on earth I want to blog when I’m so busy. I had a previous blog (ca. 2009-2011), but in retrospect I didn’t know what it was for besides trying out blogging. I posted erratically and eventually took it down.

Basically, it boils down to this: I like the idea of social scholarship BUT I worry about the time suck.

So this time round, my blog is for:

  • research blogging, through the lens of a would-be practitioner researcher; probably means thinking out loud and putting half-baked ideas out in public.
  • talking about information literacy and library instruction – this is both my work and my broad area of research
  • talking about what I’m working on anyway for the Ph.D – I don’t have time to go (too far) off on tangents. Right now I’m deep into a lit review for my comprehensive exam that requires me to situate IL instruction in the field of curriculum studies.

Reminder to self: This blog is not for talking about family (except maybe when my son gives me the student perspective on IL in the university classroom – kind of deflating), fun stuff from the internet (like pit bulls in a photo booth), books (unless research related), music, Rob Ford, politics more generally, the weather (it’s snowing again)….

I will probably still post erratically.


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